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Connect blockchain to the real world

You can use YAKSHA Token to pay for products or services from yaksha.market or other platforms that partner with us. And get reward points every time the service is purchased or used

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Total Supply

8,900,000,000 YAK

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3 Platform

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We Are Powerful.

We are dedicated to providing professional service with the highest degree of honesty and integrity

  • Professional Bodies
  • Afordable Price
  • High Security
  • Top Class Transfer

why choose us

our main features

Let technology help manage and solve problems that happen to us. including environmental issues.



We provide e-marketplace services that accept payments as well cryptocurrency.
You can use YAKSHA Token in order to pay for goods within the platform, the protocol is exchanged for fiat money for merchants.


Give experience new shopping It's like actually going out shopping. without leaving the house.
Meet the experience new shopping In the virtual world, you create an avatar, enter Metaverse, shop and wait for your order to arrive at home.


Develop a platform that enables the application of blockchain technology for Small Business
We hope to be able to help many organizations gain access to blockchain for their enterprise use.

Big Data

Data collection from ecosystem within our platform that's a lot
Large amount of data storage gives us a general view and bring further improvements and products to better meet the needs of customers

AI Matching

Artificial Intelligence works well in environments with large amounts of data.
Artificial Intelligence is an assistant to analyze the data generated by the platform.

Smart City

Develop smart city and using clean energy and environmentally friendly.
with technology from cooperation with our partners with the hope that our world will come back to be better
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Our Trading Platform

We have a platform to provide services. and platforms that are still in development

We Are Powerful.

Popular making it College in Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words.

  • Professional Bodies
  • Afordable Price
  • High Security
  • Top Class Transfer

Join us in building a better community.

Hold YAKSHA Token today to get more value by going live on Ecosystems. Connect business partners use the environment together To make blockchain technology more accessible to everyone.


Our Roadmap

Operations to keep up with the roadmap which is the basis for project development make the project move faster.


30 Sep, 2022

Open to sell giant tokens and can be used to pay for goods or services from various partner platforms. including speculation from the increased value.

Sale YAKSHA Token

31 May, 2022

Sale YAKSHA Token on PancakeSwap

Lunch E-marketplace

1 Sep, 2022

We started providing Marketplace service in Thailand. Customers can buy products from grocery stores. and pay by debit/credit card and cryptocurrency.

List on Coinmarketcap

Oct, 2022

We hope to list YAKSHA Token on Coin Market Cap to make YAKSHA Token to Global.

List on Other Exchange

May, 2023

We aim to bring YAKSHA Token to common exchanges such as hotbit binance or others.


Jan, 2024

We are trying to develop a chain that is lighter and uses less energy. and environmentally friendly Support for chain expansion to small businesses